Geronimo for Success: The People-Animal Connection

Geronimo for Success: The People-Animal Connection

June 26th, 2008 // 10:51 am @

Today I met with a lady who I have been working with on her website.

She’s a young gal with lots of energy and a great spirit. I recently noticed in the news section of Claire’s website – – that she was the host of an amazing program called Freedom Riders Recreation Program. This is such a wonderful program.

It teaches horsemanship in a controlled and safe environment for youths with disabilities (from ages 5 – 21). These kids are challenged physically and mentally and walk away from the Freedom Riders Recreational Program with a GREAT sense of accomplishment.

Talk about GREAT connections: people-animal and people-people! Dr. Rob’s horse Geronimo was one of the horses used during this great program. Pictured above is one of the students hugging Geronimo (his new friend).

by Christine Briel

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